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Trinkets Or Trash?

Trinkets and Trash or Trinkets and Treasure for the Work Place?

In a Baylor University study, 76 percent of respondents could recall an advertiser’s name on a promotional product they had received in the past year. And 3 out of 4 said they kept the product because it was useful.

Check your desk, your pocket, purse or car. Chances are you have useful items with a company’s logo all around you every day.

Promotional products thank donors and constituents, provide exposure at events, reward and motivate, drive traffic to trade show booths, improve mail campaigns, increase referrals and return business, improve customer relationships, and create positive memories.

Think of how you would promote an event – people wearing t-shirts, drinking cups, mugs, plastic literature bags, frisbees, hats, etc., etc. Make sure the promotional products distributor understands your event or service being promoted and uses the many available creative resources to provide you with a unique, useful solution. Excellent Marketing Group offers a full range of services from artwork creation, project management, screen printing t-shirts, embroidery, promotional products and much, much more to make your event the very best it can be!

5 Strengths of Promotional Products

A promotional product is any item of usefulness that carries an imprinted message that is given free and without obligation. Chances are that if you look around your car, your purse, or your home, you will find items that bear the logo or message of some company wanting you to remember them. Promotional products can also be offered as recognition awards or thank you gifts to people as an acknowledgment for the action they have already taken.

T-shirts, imprinted sportswear and embroidered items are the tried and true option of choice in promoting your company. The purpose of using a promotional product is for people to wear it or use and promote your company or product for you. Everyone loves a t-shirt!

Premium gifts are another form of promotional products, but typically you have to do something to get it; buy this, get that -visit our store, receive this item.

The following 5 Strengths listed below, talk about the importance of using promotional products. Many do not believe in the power of using promotional products, but time and time again, these little billboard messengers stay on the job 24/7.

The First Strength of promotional products is they only go where you want them to go. There is little or no waste.

The Second Strength of a promotional product is that it provides long term advertising value. It can continue promoting a company for years after it has been given out.

The Third Strength of a promotional product is that the medium becomes the message. When the medium becomes the message, it creates a memory hook.

The Fourth Strength is good will. When promotional products are used correctly to show appreciation, it creates goodwill every time the recipient looks at it or uses it.

The Fifth Strength of promotional products is the endorsement aspect. When someone uses a promotional product it indicates that the person has a favorable working relationship with that company, which implies that they endorse it.

Does your company use promotional products? Are they unusual or useful? I would be interested in hearing from you on this.